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MX1 Muzzle Brake
The Cadex MX1 muzzle brake is designed to deflect the muzzle blast away from the shooter and his ..
USD$ 158.95
3" Modular Picatinny rail
Optional 3" Modular Picatinny rail. ..
USD$ 21.95
4.2" Carbine Picatinny Rail
The Cadex 4.2 Inch Rail attaches to the handguards of the M4/C8 Carbine or M16/C7 rifle to provid..
USD$ 26.95
5" Modular Picatinny rail
Optional 5" Modular Picatinny rail. ..
USD$ 27.95
6" Carbine Picatinny Rail
The Cadex 6 Inch Rail attaches to the handguards of the M4/C8 Carbine or M16/C7 rifle to provide ..
USD$ 35.95
870 Low Profile Hand Stop
This Hand Stop fits the 870 MCS Modular Fore-end Pump Guard to provide a safe grip on the firearm..
USD$ 73.95
870 Mag Cap Dual Rail
Cadex’s rail system greatly improves effectiveness of the Remington 870 shotgun, providing a moun..
USD$ 158.95
870 MCS Fore-end Pump Guard
The Cadex 870 MCS Fore-End Pump Guard offers an ergonomic pump handle with an integrated hand sto..
USD$ 263.95
870 Modular Fore-end Pump Guard
The Cadex 870 Modular Fore-end Guard Pump, with its world-class design, offers you an additional ..
USD$ 294.95
870 Shotgun fixed butt adaptor
The shotgun fixed butt adaptor makes it easy to configure your shotgun into a tactical weapon. ..
USD$ 206.95
870 Tactical Shotgun Butt Adaptor
The Cadex Quick Release Butt Adaptor for the Remington 870 provides the operator with a versatile..
USD$ 315.95
870 Top Rail
**Requires the 870 Tactical Buttstock Adaptor to work (Part#: LB-1486)** Cadex’s rail system ..
USD$ 289.95
Accuracy International Fore-End Rail
The Cadex Fore-End Rail provides users of the Accuracy International Rifle with a world-class mou..
USD$ 334.95
Aluminum Bipod Rail 3.5", Strike Chassis
Aluminium Bipod Rail 3.5" for Strike Chassis Installs at 6 o'clock position. Fit the CDX-MC K..
USD$ 22.95
Bean Bag Rider
The Bean Bag Rider was designed to sit securely on your bean bag. The Bean Bag Rider allows the s..
USD$ 22.95
Bipod Stud (10-32) for Strike Lite/Field
Steel Bipod Stud Easily attach a bipod to your chassis without the need of additional pic..
USD$ 2.95
Buttstock Spacer (1 5/16" thick)
Buttstock Spacer (1 5/16" thick) for all our Strike Chassis except the Urban Strike. ..
USD$ 33.95
C6/M240 Dual Rail
The Cadex Dual Rail for the C6, M240, and MAG 58 Machine Guns provides users with a robust mount ..
USD$ 355.95
C9/M249 Butt Stock Adaptor
** WARNING: Fits only on C9/M249 models equipped with an hydraulic buffering system ** The Ca..
USD$ 111.95
C9/M249 Dual Rail
The Cadex Dual Rail for the C9, M249, and FN Minimi Light Machine Guns provide the user with a ve..
USD$ 389.95
C9/M249 Tri-Rail
The Cadex Fore-End Rail for the C9, M249, and FN Minimi LMG’s provides the gunner a solid mount f..
USD$ 414.95
Centre Accessory Side Rail Kit (2 rails)
Optional Picatinny rail for all Strike Chassis and CDX rifles except the Strike NUKE. ..
USD$ 41.95
DUAL Strike Chassis Long Action
*** Brokerage Fees may be applied for US customers *** Integrating the end user’s b..
USD$ 2,093.95
DX2 EVO Selectable Single/Two Stage Trigger (Rem style)
The Cadex DX2 EVO trigger is a Single/Two Stage Trigger capable to be rapidly converted into a Si..
USD$ 225.95
Extra Long Assault Climbing Hook (14 Inch)
The Cadex Extra Long Assault Climbing Hook provides assaulters with a versatile tool for use with..
USD$ 2,141.95