NVG Helmet Mount Complete with Strap

NVG Helmet Mount Complete with Strap
Product Code: 643-93C

The NVG Helmet Mount complete with Strap includes a Polymer flip-up mount with one dovetail carriage and one bayonet carriage. It also includes the universal strap kit that you can install on your MICH or PASGT helmet with no drilling required.


  • Personalized height and eye relief of the night vision device.
  • An easy to use screw mechanism gives the operator complete control of the tension of the flip-up mount.
  • Provides mounts for both bayonet and dovetail type brackets.
  • Optional counterweight or battery pack bracket.
  • Available for different helmet designs.
  • Ultra lightweight.
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Dimensions 11.14cm x 19.61cm x 38.47cm
Weight 361 grams
Material Nylon ST-801 Black