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870 Low Profile Hand Stop
This Hand Stop fits the 870 MCS Modular Fore-end Pump Guard to provide a safe grip on the firearm..
USD$ 73.95
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870 Mag Cap Dual Rail
Cadex’s rail system greatly improves effectiveness of the Remington 870 shotgun, providing a moun..
USD$ 158.95
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870 MCS Fore-end Pump Guard
The Cadex 870 MCS Fore-End Pump Guard offers an ergonomic pump handle with an integrated hand sto..
USD$ 263.95
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870 Modular Fore-end Pump Guard
The Cadex 870 Modular Fore-end Guard Pump, with its world-class design, offers you an additional ..
USD$ 294.95
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870 Shotgun fixed butt adaptor
The shotgun fixed butt adaptor makes it easy to configure your shotgun into a tactical weapon. ..
USD$ 206.95
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870 Tactical Shotgun Butt Adaptor
The Cadex Quick Release Butt Adaptor for the Remington 870 provides the operator with a versatile..
USD$ 315.95
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870 Top Rail
Cadex’s rail system takes the Remington 870 shotgun to a new level of versatility, providing a mo..
USD$ 289.95
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Mossberg 500/590 Fore-End Pump
Mossberg 500/590 Fore-End Pump ..
USD$ 259.95
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Mossberg 500/590 Tactical Buttstock
Mossberg 500/590 Tactical Buttstock ..
USD$ 419.95
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Mossberg Saddle Mount
Mossberg Saddle Mount ..
USD$ 149.95
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Picatinny Hand Stop
The Cadex Hand Stop enhances safe handling of short-barreled weapons by preventing the operator’s..
USD$ 30.95
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