Terms, Conditions and Policies

Terms, conditions and policies for Cadex online store.

Payment Method:

Cadex accepts payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and T/T Bank Transfer. (Please don’t hesitate to call us for further details). Our online store provides a convenient online purchasing system for all orders.

Item Availability:

If we face an excessive amount of sales and are temporally out of stock, we will contact you and either ship the item when it becomes available or make alternative arrangement with you.

Damaged Goods:

If the Items arrived in a poor condition Cadex must be alerted within 72 hours after reception of the goods received. Any items to exchange can only be done within 30 days after reception.  To return any products sold to a Cadex client by Cadex, the client needs to request a RMA form from Cadex (unless otherwise arranged before purchasing). This can be set up by sending your request to: Cadex E-Mail Online store.

All problems with your order will be dealt with ASAP.


The amount to be refund is the amount invoiced of the product itself. Cadex reserve the right to refuse any refund for items returned not being in a good resell condition. In all cases, shipping charges will not be refund.

All items returned or exchanged must be in a good resell condition. Any problems with your order will be dealt with ASAP.


Cadex charges actual shipping. Unless prior arrangement with the client, any order with a product out of stock will be held until the order is completed. If part of the order is requested right away, the amount will be charged on each shipment done. Clients will be immediately notified about any out of stock items.

Brokerage Fees maybe applied.

Use with caution:

It is your responsibility to know the legality of the items you are ordering.  Some items in the Cadex online store may be restricted to adults only, or may be restricted in the area where you live.  You can only place your order if you agree to and accept the following:  These items may be under compliance regulation. Cadex will only precede orders with compliance of Canadian, USA or any other country with applicable law, rules and regulations for import and export goods and services.

Depending on your location area or for any other reasons, license and/or proof of permission for you to receive and use what you intend to buy from Cadex online store may be requested by Cadex.

Online price & description errors:

Our online inventory is subject to change every day.  Occasionally an item may appear on the site by mistake or the item’s descriptions may contain a writing error.  We do not guarantee that name, P/N, descriptions or pictures on our site are error-free.  We reserve the right to refuse any order including but not limited to orders for items with errors in the description or price.  In the event that we cancel an order we will not charge the customer’s credit card or we will return the money (if applicable).

If an item’s description contains an error such as incorrect price and a customer orders one, we will not process the order without first contacting the customer.  If the order is mistakenly shipped, we may advise the customer to return the item in an unopened condition and we will not bill the customer. By placing an order, the customer agrees that Cadex will be the final arbiter of discrepancies in the online catalog and in the Cadex flip page catalog.

In order for Cadex to provide you with price quotes; you must be qualified with specific permit (when applicable) and/or if required, proof of permission for you to receive and use what you are intending to buy from the Cadex online store. Prior to process any order, you may be ask to provide Cadex with certificates and/or official Purchase Order.

Certain items are under compliance regulation.

Legal notice:

The retail prices and other specifications and terms stated on this website are subject to change without notice. While Cadex attempts to provide accurate information, there may sometimes be inadvertent inaccuracies.  Cadex is not responsible for, and reserves the right to correct any such inaccuracies.